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This is just an estimate tool to give you an idea of Ad pricing. Every client is individually quoted for their personal needs. Target your most probable customers with balanced and well managed ad campaigns. Get an instant quote for your next project. Just select the features you need, and we’ll provide an instant estimate.

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Campaign Properties

+$3 per keyword (one-time payment)

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Ads Copywriting

+$10 per an Ad


+$40 per design


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Your Ad Budget

How much are you ready to spend on ads. 10% of our revenue is standard for most businesses.


$100/month managing costs


$200/month managing costs


$500/month managing costs

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What is your primary target?

Increase Online Sales

E-comerce websites or online service-oriented companies.

Get More/Better Leads

For businesses that use websites for lead generation.

Consumer Recognition

For websites created to support the brand or to tell more about the company.

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Ongoing Optimizations

Once initial ad campaign setup completed, we will analyze results and adjust for long-term performance.





New Ads Setup




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Final cost

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Quote Tool

This is just a tool to get an idea on how much SEO managing costs.  Each client will be calculated individually depending on what we decide to do for your small business.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden costs, setup or termination fees attached to our SEO pricing. We will calculate your final pricing individually based on your small business needs.

No outsourcing

I do not outsource any of my SEO services. We can decide together what is better for your small business, that way you won't waste your money on services you will NOT need/benefit from in the long run!